Welcome to Claremont Primary School

At Claremont Primary School we aim to provide a curriculum that engages and motivates pupils, with creativity and purpose at the heart of all learning. All pupils are cared for and respected as individuals. They are given the best possible opportunity to reach their full potential, in the classroom and beyond. Together; parents, pupils and staff, we aim to give each child the skills and knowledge to create a better understanding of the world they face now, and in the future.

Anne Conboy - Headteacher


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Parent Apps

We are trying to improve the way we communicate with you and reduce the amount of paper we use and so we are introducing an app for your smart phone called Parentapps.

We will be using Parentapps to send out messages and consent forms for trips and after school clubs which you can complete on your phone. The app will also provide instant access to term dates, event information, newsletters, surveys, twitter and link directly to information on our website.

The app is not yet live, but you can download the app from the links below in preparation of the launch. You will receive further information later this half term (before the Easter break).

Click here for the Apple itunes store link.

Click here for Google Play store link.

Additional information is available from the Parentapps website: Click here

Online Payments

We are introducing the online payment system SchoolMoney, as requested by an increasing number of parents. This will let you make payments for school meals online with your debit or credit card, or at local Pay Points. You will be able to pay for school meals from home and access your account at any time to see the balance or you could pay for school meals at the office with a credit or debit card.

We will send you a password which will give you access to your SchoolMoney account within the next few days by text.

To login to SchoolMoney follow the instructions below;

  • Logon to the website www.eduspot.co.uk
  • Click on the ‘Sign in’ button in the top right hand corner.
  • In the drop down menu, select the ‘SchoolMoney Parent Login’ option
  • On this page enter your mobile number, email address, the password we have sent to you, and your child’s first name.
If you need any help with this, or do not receive a text with a password, please let us know at the school office.