Children in Years 1 to 6 are set homework on a weekly basis. It is given out on a Wednesday and should be returned the following Monday morning.

Tips for good homework habits

    Find a quiet place at home which your child can use as a homework area. It needs to have a flat surface so that your child can write.
    Turn off the television, when your child is doing homework, so that it is not a distraction.
    Ask your child about the homework they are doing, ask them to explain it to you.
    Don't give your child the answer so that they get the work finished quickly, show them how to look up a word in a dictionary.
    Become familiar with modern teaching methods (for example, subtraction). Don't teach your child the methods you used in school as this might confuse them.
    Try and keep homework fun, it should be a special time that you both look forward to.


    As parents you are your child's most influential teacher with an important part to play in helping your child to learn to read. Click here for some suggestions on how you can help to make this a positive experience.

    Online Homework

    As well as written homework, children in Claremont Primary School are often set online homework. To access this your child will usually have to use one of the following websites:

    Your child has been given a username and password for these sites. They must not share their usernames or passwords with their friends and they must never log on as anybody else. If they do so, their accounts will be disabled. If you would like their username and password, please speak to your child's class teacher.

    This links to the BBC Alphablocks, Guide to Phonics.

    Recommended Websites
    Key stage 1 - http://www.crickweb.co.uk/ks1science.html
    Key stage 2 -





    Spelling Games

    Year 3 / 4 Science

    Year 3 / 4 Maths and Geography

    Year 3 / 4 Language of learning

    Year 3 / 4 Literacy language

    Year 3 / 4 History and Music History and Music

    Year 3 / 4 Time words and Rare GPOs

    Year 3 / 4 Unstressed vowels

    Year 3 / 4 Connecting adverbials and Hypothetical language