Year 2

Welcome to Year 2. We have three Year 2 classes.

2CV - Ms Vesey /Ms Othman / Ms Bishar
2SC - Ms Clark / Ms Dodd
2AK - Mrs Killeen / Ms Petrie


Just a reminder that children must bring in their reading book every day. If you are not sure which stage book your child is on or would like to discuss anything about their reading book then please come and ask. Thank you for your support.

PE and Outdoor Games

For PE, children should wear black shorts or leggings, white tee-shirt, bare feet.

For outdoor games, children should wear their full PE kit with pumps or trainers.

Children are not allowed to wear jewellery for PE, dance or games lessons. Children with long hair should tie their hair back.


Homework is given out on a Wednesday and should be returned to school the following Monday.

Year 2 Gymnastics: High Quality Gymnastics lessons for CPD course

2CV were selected to demonstrate a model Fundamental Movement Skill Games lesson for 25 Newly Qualified Teachers (February 2017).

Feedback from the teachers included “They were very well behaved, children were working hard to think where they were in their learning and practise to improve their travelling, stability and object control skills on their own and in small groups."

Arts Initiative - The Fire of London: 1666

As part of this year's arts initiative, Year two will be studying the “Fire of London: 1666”. In 1666, a huge fire that started in a tiny bakery burned down most of London. Through drama and art, Year 2 have been finding out all about this fascinating period of history. This project is more Theatre-in-Education style than the projects studied by other classes, and involves the class in vivid scenes of the devastating fire, and gives the lie to the myth of only a handful of fatalities; serious historians of the fire describe temperatures of 1500 centigrade, and the impossibility of knowing how many died, either during the fire or from wounds and disease afterwards.

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Educational Visits

Trip to Peover Farm

Year 2 recently visited Peover Farm where they were allowed to explore the farm and meet the farm pets. They had a fabulous time.


Trip to the Seaside

The Year 2 summer term topic was "By The Seaside". As part of this they looked at human and physical features of the seaside.

In June 2AK went on a trip to the seaside at Lytham St Annes near Blackpool. The weather on the day started off as cloudy however the children thoroughly enjoyed looking at the ships anchors, a renovated lifeboat and asked some very interesting questions about the lifeboat museum as well as what happened in the windmill. As lunchtime approached the skies became darker and cloudier but this didn't dampen their spirits and 2AK ate their lunch near a rose garden. In the afternoon it began to rain lightly but 2AK went under the pier and began to collect items for their sandcastles they were building. Unfortunately as we were finishing building them the rain came down really hard and 2AK had to dash back to the coach. All the children loved experiencing the sounds and the smells of the seaside.