Your Child’s attendance is important. A Child can not succeed and achieve their best in school if they are not here. Pupils should aim for 100% attendance, schools target is 98% minimum. Any child with attendance below 95% will be closely monitored by school, should this drop below 95% then you are in danger of receiving a fixed penalty warning notice.

1 days absence = 2 sessions
2 sessions absence in one week = 80% attendance.

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What the law says about school attendance

The law in the UK states that every child and young person must be educated to a high standard. Students will not achieve their best if the do not attend school regularly.

By law, all schools have to follow very strict regulations about attendance. Every absence has to be recorded and reported to the government. By law, we are told when an absence can be allowed– authorised, or when it is not allowed - unauthorised. Persistent absence from school will lead to penalty notices or in some cases, prosecution.

Authorised Absence

If you child is off ill or has a legitimate reason to miss school, we will authorise the absence as long as the parent/carer notifies the school and can provided proof of absence when requested. Please call school on 0161 226 2066.before 10am each day your child is absent.

What absence can be authorised:

If your child is ill, we will give them an I mark. Reoccurring illness will need evidence. i.e Appointment cards/ Hospital letters. Medical appointment will be marked M as long as appointment cards/doctor’s note are shown but should, where possible be made out of school time.

If there are exceptional circumstances then school will give a C mark. Under these circumstances, requests must be made to the Headteacher using the Exceptional Leave Request Form which can be obtained from the school office. The Headteacher will then determine whether or not this absence can be authorised and for what period of time the authorised absence can be allowed.

For religious observances, school can allow two days per academic year for religious festivals for all faiths. Additional days taken for religious festivals will NOT be authorised.

Unauthorised absences:

Parents are not allowed to keep their children off school for any off the following reasons: family birthdays, holidays in term time, visiting relatives, looking after other family members watching sporting events, shopping etc. All these reasons will be UNAUTHORISED and marked with an O, U or a G. Only a few unauthorised absences are required before a fixed penalty warning notice can be served. If issued this will result in a automatic £60 fine. This will rise to £120 if this is not paid within the first 21 days. Continued unauthorised absences after this warning has been issued WILL result in an automatic £60 fine. This will rise to £120 if not paid within the first 21 days.

One day is marked as two sessions (am/pm) = 2 unauthorised absences

Holidays must NOT be taken during school time

Parents do not have the right by law to take their child/children on holiday during term time. From September 2013, the Headteacher is no longer allowed to sanction holidays.

If a parent takes a child on holiday then a G mark will be recorded. This counts as an unauthorised absence and a fixed term penalty notice may be issued after a few unauthorised absences.

Please note that the fine following a fixed penalty notice is per child, per parent (1 child + 2 parents = £120 rising to £240 if not paid within the first 21 days).

Fines will be increased if repeated holidays are taken out of term time and could lead to court proceedings.

Please click here to download a booklet which provides information on managing sickness absence from school.

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